Kredivo business model

Kredivo Indonesia is a digital credit card payment platform of FinAccel that offers various payment methods to help customers to break large payments into affordable and safer payments.

Kredivo provides an option to its users to buy now, pay later while doing online shopping. There is a credit-scoring done for the users and basis their eligibility they are offered various options for paying off the debt. The company claims to have credit-scored 2 million Indonesians to date.

Kredivo to Cover Most Major Cities in Indonesia by 2017 in Push for Financial Inclusion

Kredivo Indonesia has been supporting some of the big players in e-commerce for payment transactions such as; BukaLapak, Moka, Tokopedia, and Shopee to build and offer a better online payment method for its users. Kredivo Indonesia is operated by FinAccel and was founded in This digital credit card of FinAccel is available with nearly all top merchants in the country making the tally to merchants overall. Before Komli Media, Garg pursued entrepreneurial projects in China and has also been a research economist with the United Nations in Switzerland.

The company uses data science in credit scoring algorithms which when combined with traditional measures such as income and credit history to find the creditworthiness of the users. Thus unlocking access to credit to an entirely new set of customers.

Kredivo Indonesia offers feasible and flexible payment solutions not only to young professionals but also to thousands of Indonesian retailers giving them an opportunity to reach a wider segment of consumers.

Kredivo Indonesia is also among Google Play Best apps of The app has a quick and easy registration process. The approval is given in a few hours and once approved, customers can directly shop online on an installment basis.

From booking flight tickets to buying a new mobile phone to paying bills all can be done with Kredivo app by taking personal loans inside the app which will give users a quick cash advance to cater their needs. The service offers a day interest-free payback option besides long-term installment plans of 3, 6 or 12 months which come with 2.

The amount has not been disclosed as yet but the company plans to use this financing to expand its network. Home FinTech. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Tags: credit scoring algorithms credit-scoring data science digital credit card digital credit card payment platform feasible and flexible payment solutions finance financing Fintech Indonesia Kredivo app Kredivo Indonesia personal loans quick and easy registration process quick cash advance.

Related Posts. February 12, Bisnis model canvas adalah alat representasi visual yang dapat menjelaskan secara komprehensif sebuah proses bisnis. Dengan tools BMC ini, kita dapat memahami sebuah bisnis secara garis besar tanpa harus membuat dokumen bisnis plan panjang lebar.

Kredivo Automated Flows To Influence Up To 40% Conversions

Dengan kesembilan blok ini, sebenarnya kita sudah bisa memvalidasi apakah satu ide bisnis itu potensial atau tidak. Oleh karenanya, membuat bisnis model canvas adalah hal paling awal yang biasanya dibutuhkan seorang pengusaha pemula.

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Selama aktivitas dari entitas Anda berhubungan dengan keluar-masuknya uang, BMC masih cukup bisa diandalkan sebagai alat analisis yang baik. Ya, practice makes perfect. Saran kami, sering-sering lah berlatih dalam mempelajari BMC yang sudah ada. Anda bisa mendapatkan contoh BMC yang melimpah di luar sana baik lewat pencarian gambar Google atau video tutorial di Youtube.FinAccel plans to expand its Kredivo online payment and credit scoring service to most major cities in the country next year to give more Indonesians access to financing.

Photo courtesy of Kredivo. FinAccel launched Kredivo in February after seeing a gap in seamless payment method for booming e-commerce market in Indonesia, where only one in 15 people have credit cards.

While 36 percent of country's million adults have bank accounts and debit cards, only 13 percent borrow from formal financial institution, according to World Bank data. The Kredivo service is currently only available for residents of Greater Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, but the company has set a target to cover all major cities by the end of next year.

Rustagi said Krevido has facilitated 60, transactions so far, usually for buying smartphones, with the service growing at a staggering 20 percent per month in terms of transaction and loan value. As a comparison, Bank Indonesia, the central bank, only expects total loan growth of 9 percent this year.

Also, FinAccel is looking for more financing partners in Indonesia and other countries in the region to expand its service. Kredivo allows any customers aged between 18 and 60 to make payments on e-commerce websites and convert the purchase in installment without a credit card or even a bank account. The latter option is made possible as Kredivo calculates customers' credit scores from thousands of data points from their online histories and then submit loan applications on their behalf to its financing partner.

Rustagi believes the company's technology can bridge lenders and new customers, often the young and those who do not have a credit history. FinAccel estimates that there are between 70 million and 80 million banked, urban middle-class people and least half of them are connected to mobile, or internet banking. So our target market is the huge gap between these numbers," he said. To use Kredivo, users only need to download the app or log in to Kredivo's website, fill in some personal information and allow the service to access the user's social media account.

The more data customers consent to provide, the better the credit assessment, and theoretically the cheaper the loan, Rustagi said. Kredivo uses its own algorithm to assess loan applicants' likelihood of paying back debt by looking at their online habits.

For example, an applicant who frequents gambling sites will most likely be turned down. The novel credit scoring method promises a shorter processing time at significantly lower cost, compared to the tedious paper-based system still being used by traditional lenders, which in turn could benefit customers in terms of paying lower interest rates, Rustagi said.

However, Kredivo's impact in bringing down interest rates is yet to be seen. Loans offered through the service bear interest rates of 2. For one thing, Kredivo's proportion of bad loans is no different from any large bank in the country; a factor that may have forced BFI Finance Indonesia — currently Kredivo's only financing partner — to keep such a high interest rate to cover the risk.

FinAccel said its credit risk model's maturity or predictive power, as measured by the Gini coefficient, "is as good, or even better, as other large banks in Indonesia. We are not mining traditional data, but alternative data. Kredivo's payment method is currently accessible at 60 online merchants, including one of Indonesia's oldest online stores, Bhinneka.

The service has evaluated the credit scores of aroundcustomers; mostly young males in their late 20's. Correction: The previous version of this stories contained several mistakes, which are corrected as follows: the company name is spelled FinAccel; Kredivo's target market consists of banked urban middle-class people, not the unbanked; its non-performing loan ratio is comparable to any large bank in the country, not higher; the service has evaluated the credit scores of nearlypeople to date, not 10, people.

The Jakarta Globe regrets the errors. Indonesian Defense Industries to Produce Ventilators. April 16 TECH. About Us - Privacy Policy. TAGS: Economy.On your e-commerce site, Kredivo Checkout let your customers finalize their purchase by providing their phone number and password.

As for offline transaction, customers only need to scan QR code on their Kredivo mobile app and finish the transaction on the app. We have set up a demo checkout so that you can try it out yourself, just go to one of our partner sites.

In order to complete the Kredivo Checkout integration process as simply and quickly as possible, we recommend that you start by setting up the following. Both the checkout page and the checkout confirmation page are hosted by you.

Both these pages must include a div that you will populate with the Kredivo Checkout button. You will learn what the Kredivo Checkout is in our first tutorial, embed the checkout. Kredivo Checkout is responsive, which means that it will always use the full width of the container. Place the Kredivo Checkout button so that your customers can see it instantly after loading the checkout page without scrolling.

As you will learn in the Confirm purchase tutorial, Kredivo needs a URI to inform you of the order status. You will need to include a placeholder in the push URI, which Kredivo will then replace with the order URI when we send the push request.

If you need any help with the documentation and sandbox environment, please email support kredivo. If you do not already have a merchant account, please email support kredivo. Please send an email to merchops finaccel. This checkout method works for your e-commerce site. By using this checkout method, your customer will only need to input their mobile number and PIN, then finalize the purchase by inputting OTP. You can learn more about Kredivo 2-click checkout API here.

This is how Kredivo 2-click checkout works. This checkout method enables your customer to purchase from your offline store using their Kredivo limit. Your customer will then scan that QR code and they can finalize their payment on their Kredivo mobile app. This is how Kredivo QR checkout works.

A tokenized user will then be able enjoy our express checkout feature. In the case where our security system flags a transaction as suspicious, we will throw an OTP challenge to the user. Our tokenization feature, along with the express checkout capability, is a great leap forward even when compared to our already smooth 2-click regular checkout. It is the smoothest checkout process in the market today, giving unparalleled user experience.

This tokenization feature is only be available for selected merchants. On this step, we will try to obtain the Kredivo Login page when performing a transaction.

There is at least 3 components that are required to obtain Kredivo Login page:. This is optional step if you want to display list of eligible payment type and implement Installment on your page to calculate and display Installment breakdown on your checkout page.

kredivo business model

In this tutorial you will learn how to confirm that you have received and created an order in your system. This confirmation is needed in response to a push notification from Kredivo, indicating that the consumer has completed a purchase. Once you have received the push notification you should update the status of the order.Sign up for our newsletter. Loan without collateral includes 2. Marsya Nabila - 13 December Kredivo, a digital credit card startup, released a cash loan product to answer the high demand of loans at the end of the year.

All users with an active accounts can use the product. They can also withdraw the limit to cash for various payment or shopping in more than merchants partnered with Kredivo. Mini allows users to borrow up to Rp3 million with 30 days tenor, and Jumbo has Rp30 million limit with 6 month tenor. She explained, after the user claims a number and its tenor, cash will be disbursed instantly through the bank account within 10 minutes without collateral.

It is said to be the first business model in Indonesia.

Beli Sekarang, Bayar Nanti

The interest rate is claimed to be the lowest among the others in market. Kredivo charges up to 2. Kredivo has almost one million active users. You can be a part of DailySocial. Stay connected with us and get full features in our platform. Community and Information can be fully open. Sign up for our newsletter Subscribe. DS Startup Category. Sign In. Build Launch Connect.

Kredivo Releases Cash Loan Product. Share this article. Related Articles. Sign up for our newsletter Subscribe Newsletter. Sign in Stay connected with us and get full features in our platform. Sign in with Google account Sign in with Linkedin account. Sign in Register. Register Stay connected with us and get full features in our platform.Dapatkan kredit cepat untuk belanja tanpa kartu kredit dan pinjaman tunai dengan pilihan bayar dalam 30 hari atau cicilan 3, 6, 12 bulan.

Lihat apa kata mereka mengenai pengalaman berbelanja dengan Kredivo.

kredivo business model

Belanja dengan Kredivo dalam 2 klik saja atau ajukan pencairan dana kilat. Nikmati manfaat KTA atau barang yang dibeli di merchant sebelum membayar sepeserpun.

Dapatkan limit hingga 30 juta untuk berbelanja dalam 2 klik saja atau KTA yang cair dalam 1 menit! Pilih pembayaran dalam 30 hari atau cicilan 3, 6, 12 bulan. Bunga terendah dibanding perusahaan sejenis dan tanpa DP. Pelanggan akan belanja dengan jumlah lebih tinggi dan lebih sering.

Checkout dalam 2 klik dapat mencegah keranjang belanja Anda ditinggalkan. Untuk pertanyaan seputar perusahaan, silakan hubungi atau email ke hello kredivo. Tentara Pelajar No.

Kredivo Indonesia- Fintech Startup Providing Innovative Financing Options

Menu Kredivo. Beli Sekarang, Bayar Nanti Dapatkan kredit cepat untuk belanja tanpa kartu kredit dan pinjaman tunai dengan pilihan bayar dalam 30 hari atau cicilan 3, 6, 12 bulan. Google Play App Store. Testimonial Pengguna Kami Lihat apa kata mereka mengenai pengalaman berbelanja dengan Kredivo. Ella S. Iseng aja apply besoknya di approve 20 juta langsung. Jadi berasa punya 1 kartu kredit lagi deh! Maurice L. This is real — Awal-awal ga percaya sama apps seperti iniPosting Komentar.

Mei 18, Model bisnis bisa berupa jabaran strategi yang menyangkut semua hal tentang perusahaan dan tentang bagaimana mendapatkan keuntungan. Saat ini, model bisnis Kanvas sedang ramai dibicarakan. Bisnis model kanvas adalah sebuah strategi dalam manajemen yang berupa visual chart yang terdiri dari 9 elemen. Model bisnis ini pertama kali diperkenalkan oleh Alexander Osterwalder dalam bukunya yang berjudul Business Model Generation.

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Customer Segment. Elemen pertama yang harus anda miliki dalam memulai bisnis model kanvas yaitu menentukan Segment Pelanggan. Sebagai contoh, segmen pasar dipilih berdasarkan tingkat ekonomi, komunitas tertentu, umur dan juga perilaku khusus konsumen.

Jika Anda membagi segmen konsumen dengan baik, maka Anda akan dengan mudah untuk mengerti dan menangkap apa yang menjadi kebutuhan dari pasar atau konsumen bisnis Anda. Value Proposition akan dengan mudah menjabarkan tentang manfaat apa yang bisa didapatkan oleh pihak konsumen jika mereka memilih produk dari perusahaan kita. Channels juga merupakan cara yang tepat untuk anda gunakan dalam menyampaikan hal atau value proposition bisnis atau perusahaan anda kepada konsumen.

Anda harus bisa memilih channel yang tepat sehingga Anda akan dengan mudah bisa membidik target konsumen yang sudah Anda rencanakan. Ada banyak channel yang bisa Anda lakukan. Jika Anda kreatif dalam memanfaatkan channels maka peluang Anda untuk diunggulkan daripada yang lain akan semakin besar pula.

Customer Relationship Ini adalah wadah atau cara yang akan terus berhubungan dan pastinya akan semakin mempererat hubungan perusahaan dengan konsumen. Ini penting untuk dilakukan karena pelanggan bisnis Anda memiliki jumlah yang terus bertahan. Sehingga Anda juga berkewajiban untuk mempertahankan mereka. Media Sosial bisa dengan mudah menjadi contoh Customer Relationship sehingga pihak konsumen akan merasa lebih dekat lagi dengan perusahaan atau bisnis yang sedang kita jalani.

kredivo business model

Anda juga akan dengan mudah melakukan penawaran, promo, diskon dan hal lain lewat Customer Relationship. Key Activities adalah semua aktivitas yang berhubungn dengan produktivitas bisnis yang berkaitan dengan sebuah produk. Contohnya untuk membuat daftar kegiatan yang harus dilakukan oleh perusahaan Anda termasuk juga kegiatan pendukung.

Dari sini, Anda juga bisa melihat SDM yang Anda perlukan dan termasuk juga tentang managerial waktu untuk pengerjaannya. Key resource adalah sekat dalam bisnis model kanvas yang berisikan daftar sumber daya yang sebaiknya direncanakan dan dimiliki perusahaan untuk mewujudkan value proposition mereka.

Semua jenis sumber daya, mulai dari pengelolaan bahan baku, penataan sumber daya manusia, dan penataan proses operasional menjadi perhatian dalam membuat model bisnis. Ini juga hal penting yang harus ada dalam sebuah perusahaan. Disini terdapat pihak - pihak yang melakukan kerjasama dengan perusahaan Anda.

Mereka memiliki tujuan untuk memberikan dukungan agar perusahaan Anda bisa lebih optimal lagi dalam sumber daya, ketidakpastian persaingan dan mengurangi resiko. Key Partnership akan membuat bisnis Anda berjalan lebih stabil lagi. Inilah poin terakhir. Yang dimaksud disini adalah struktur pembiayaan bisnis.

kredivo business model

Disini Anda perlu untuk bisa menjelaskan lebih detail tentang biaya apa saja yang harus dikeluarkan seperti biaya membayar pegawai, telpon dan lain-lain. Ini harus diperhitungkan dengan baik. Seluruh 9 komponen ini harus dijalankan semua karena setiap elemen atau komponen diatas menjadi bagian yang sangat penting.

Perhatikan dengan baik dan benar untuk setiap pointnya. Jika Anda sudah paham, maka ini adalah waktunya untuk bisa menerapkan model bisnis kanvas di perusahaan atau bisnis yang sedang Anda jalani saat ini.

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