Breeding mothman monster legends

Many of you already know that Monster Legends is one of the most popular and most downloaded online players vs. It has more than million downloads on the android device and according to the Google play store. Mining helps you to collect resources to upgrade your laboratories and to perform researches. Then with the help of research, you are able to unlock superior powers, species, and weapons. And with the help of gems, you are able to speed up your research and upgradations process.

But breeding is a unique concept and is available in only a few games where there are monsters and heroes. It allows you to combine the power of two or more species and then create a new ultimate hero or monster.

Upcoming Monster-Mothman (Nature & Magic) Animation - Monster Legend

Just like any game, breeding is one of the core activity of Monster Legends. Just because you need to evolve your monsters you do mining, collect or purchase gems, perform researches and then try to create cool new species. And then with their help, you can then raid any of your opponents and loot their resources. In my breeding guide for monster legends, I have tried to explain everything with the help of pictures and chart.

I wish you will really like this guide and if you do so, then please share it with your friends. Terracrank is a rock type monster which has the support type combat role. It lives on earth-like habitat and processes magical abilities.

Monster Legends Breeding Chart [with Pictures and Combos]

When at level 90 which is its highest attainable level have the total power of It also has 20, points of lifeforce, points of the speed and stamina worth points.

Its natural habitat is Earth, Magic and its weaknesses are dark magic, nature. If you want to have this monster in your arsenal then you will first need to be a Level 14 player. Then you need to have a minimum XP of 25, Finally, you will have to spend additional gems. One of the biggest advantages of it is its immunity to blind magic. Tartarus is a legendary evil god monster who knows how to keep a balance between his duties and personal beliefs. When at its highest attainable level 90 it processes power points, 23, Lifeforce points, speed worth points and the stamina worth It can easily sustain on both Earth and magic like environment.

Two of its weaknesses are dark magic and nature. One of the biggest advantages of having Tartarus in your team is that you can equip it with relics. It can be equipped with armor or mask relic. Furthermore, you can buy it only when you have gold, 25, XP. Pyrook is a magic and fire type monster with a power of 2, points when at level 90 which by the way is the highest attainable level.Firesaur Metalsaur Esmelter Fornax.

Firesaur Genie Pyrook Djinn.

Monster Legends Breeding Guide With Charts

Firesaur Tyrannoking Flickie Firetaur. Firesaur Mersnake Sealion Vapwhirl. Firesaur Thunder Eagle Gigram Thundenix. Firesaur Rockilla Firekong Freettle. Firesaur Treezard Greenasaur Pandaken. Treezard Metalsaur Jonskeer Crux.

Treezard Light Spirit Vixsun Rudicius.

breeding mothman monster legends

Treezard Genie Bloomskips Pandalf. Treezard Tyrannoking Sealion Vapwhirl. Treezard Mersnake Sheluke Bumblesnout. Treezard Rockilla Rarawr Tarzape. Treezard Firesaur Greenasaur Pandaken. Rockilla Metalsaur Rockneto Gravoid. Rockilla Tyrannoking Obsidia Beefcake. Rockilla Mersnake Gastosquish Musu. Rockilla Thunder Eagle Electrex Bonbon.

Rockilla Treezard Rarawr Tarzape.

How to Breed Legendary Monsters in Monster Legends 2019

Rockilla Firesaur Firekong Freettle. Mersnake Metalsaur Metanephrops Metaselach. Mersnake Light Spirit Blesstle Raane. Mersnake Genie Dolphchamp Octocrush. Mersnake Rockilla Gastosquish Musu.

Mersnake Treezard Sheluke Bumblesnout. Mersnake Firesaur Sealion Vapwhirl. Thunder Eagle Genie Raydex Sparkwedge. Thunder Eagle Rockilla Electrex Bonbon. Thunder Eagle Firesaur Gigram Thundenix. Tyrannoking Metalsaur Omethyst Vortux. Tyrannoking Light Spirit Succuba Fayemelina. Tyrannoking Genie Giragast Haze. Tyrannoking Rockilla Obsidia Beefcake. Tyrannoking Treezard Utochomp Dendrosaur.

Tyrannoking Firesaur Flickie Minotaurus. Genie Metalsaur Manolyth Dommeath. Genie Light Spirit Flawless Zim. Genie Tyrannoking Giragast Haze.How to Breed Legendary Monsters in Monster Legends — Multiple perspectives role-playing game consists of a number of activities ready set for the player. Other than the activities, the main essence of the game lies in breeding the most powerful army of monsters.

The game has many different aspects and all of them are important to be achieved. But, at the end of the game holds you a winner if you have bred the strongest beast.

There can be many reasons understood behind breeding these monsters. Who are these enemies? They range from the computer controlled pests to the multiplayer competitions. It is important before you start making your army that you know how to make an army. This means that you need to know the different ways to breed monsters. And, in order to know that you need to know about different elements of the game.

In this article, we will discuss the different breeding processes and how breeding can be done in order to achieve your desired monsters. The process of breeding a beast from a formidable combination of two similar or different breeds is not a big deal. First, you need to select a breeding mountain for the pairing to take place. It will be located on your island near the hatchery. Once you click on breed option, you will be shown the possible list of your monsters.

You will have to choose two of them. Once the breeding starts, it will be over in some time and you will receive an egg. A countdown timer will appear which will show the duration of the hatching process. Once the egg is hatched and the monster is created. It becomes your choice to keep it in your habitat or sell it to someone.

If you breeding a single element. That monster may be very strong against the other elements but very weak against his own. If you breed two different elements, the monster may turn to be very balanced or very weak. This is the list of breeding that will show what results may appear of out the elemental breedings that you can try. The courtesy of this list belongs to this Resource. How to Breed Legendary Monsters in Monster Legends In this article, we will discuss the different breeding processes and how breeding can be done in order to achieve your desired monsters.

Get Monster Legends - Fighting, Collecting & Breeding for Android

One Response.Level up your monsters, use cells to rank them up at the Lab to break their limits, and equip them with runes and relics to take their skills to the top! Build your strategy and set monster teams combining attackers, tanks and supporters to your taste.

Then take your monsters on quests through the Adventure Map and play on limited-time events to get incredible rewards! Team up with other Monster Masters to chat, strategize, and fight in epic Team Wars and earn exclusive monsters. There are over monsters to collect!

Feed them and breed creatures of different elements and rarities to discover new species. You can also get strong new monsters from events: The family is always growing! Build a home for your monsters on magical floating islands.

Fill the islands with habitats, farms, and breeding sites. As you level up, you'll discover new areas like the Library, the Dungeons, the Monster Lab, the Forge, and the Temples of the Guardians! All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Play Now Free.But the problem with installing can still arise, therefore, we advise you to read our guide before starting the download process. All you need to do is follow the link to the official download page, scroll it down and find information about the size and version of the operating system.

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Latest articles. Read Full Article We use unpersonalized cookies to keep our site working and collect statistics for marketing purposes. See the Privacy and Cookie Policy here.You can search any monster with the "buttons" or in the search box below! Note: Use "Arrow Buttons" to navigate to next pages for more results!

This is the estimate time of a specific combination to get the desired results, after an average fail times. In other words, this time is used for comparing between combinations. The lesser the time is, the faster the combination will give you the right monster.

There is also the Breeding Statistic Percent, which is a bar with the percentage. This indicates how fast does it take to breed a X monster between different combinations. First, every combination has specific results with correspond chances. It's not difficult to calculate a Average Fail Breeding Time from the given combination. Now, you will see the first combination gives Pandaken faster or more efficient than the second one, in a same period of time.

That's what Expected Average Breeding Time is used for. This metric is only used for comparing Avg. Time between the combinations.

breeding mothman monster legends

Playing features in Monster Legends. Monsters, buildings, items in the game. Breeding in Monster Legends.There are total of epic monsters of them are known breedableand recently there has been new monsters added to the family:. These monsters are badass! Not only thier stats are strong but also their "special attacks" are really good too! Ultimately, they are component for breeding legendary monsters.

Due to their preciousness, Epic monsters mostly cannot be bred normally by using 2 elemental monsters. One monster should have 1 element opposite with other monster's element.

breeding mothman monster legends

There are some epic monsters that don't have opposite elements, which makes the game are more variable. They are:. They can be bred directly from monsters. Other epic monsters are much more harder to breed, since they require using hybrid monsters, which will increase the elements of the breeding.

First, you need to determine which Epic monster you need the most, and another "back up" Epic monster. I will share the following steps to help you decide what to do:. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to find a good combination for the Epic monster s. Good luck for getting those badass! If you find something confusing, leave a comment below and everyone here will help you :.

Playing features in Monster Legends. Monsters, buildings, items in the game. Breeding in Monster Legends. Breeding Guide: Epic Monsters.

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