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For over eighty years, Sako Rifles of Finland has impressed the world with the quality of their bolt-action rifles. Sako Rifles are imported solely by Beretta into the United States, sharing Beretta's passion for quality and their commitment to offering the best that technology can offer, without out compromise. Sako rifles are truly the finest production rifles available to the American shooter. Their match-grade barrel, adjustable trigger, silky-smooth bolt, and distinctive styling are only a few of the attributes that have made Sako a household name in the USA.

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In the. Worthy Causes Donations Put to Work. Forgot Password? Click here. Beretta Firearms. Sako Firearms. Sako Rifles. Testimonials from our Customers. Beretta Firearms x Sako Firearms x.This rifle has a pretty interesting modular stock construction which is a hybrid between a traditional stock and chassis. The core of the stock is the two-piece takedown aluminum chassis with the composite buttstock, grip and forearm attached to it.

The ability to detach these main stock components allows configuring the rifle for hunting or target shooting applications. The aluminum chassis is the skeleton of the rifle with all other components being attached to it. The stiffness and rigidity of the aluminum chassis provide consistent accuracy. The exposed portions of the chassis areas around the receiver have a black non-reflective anodized finish.

The weight of the S20 rifle depending on the caliber is 7. These features include the top Picatinny rail that is one piece with the steel receiver, the three-point attachment of the receiver to chassis, V-bedding system with the receiver contacting the chassis along its full length, and stainless steel bolt. The company claims sub-MOA accuracy for this rifle. As mentioned above, there are two stock options for the Sako S20 rifle: hunting and precision shooting. The hunting stock has a thumbhole design.

Rifle destruction test: Sako 85 Carbonlight

Both stock options come with ambidextrous QD sling swivel sockets on the forearm and buttstock, and quick-adjustable cheekpieces. The material on the grip is made of a polymer that has a feel of leather. The length of pull of both stocks can be adjusted via spacers. Sako S20 rifles are equipped with match grade cold hammer forged barrels.

Each barrel is hand inspected to ensure the straightness and smoothness of the bore. Both the hunting and precision shooting versions are available in the following caliber options:. The Sako S20 rifle is fed from double-stack detachable box magazines made of a glass-reinforced polymer. This will be a useful feature for the reloaders allowing to have a custom OAL and larger selection of bullets without a need to single load the gun. The cartridges in the magazine are additionally retained on their shoulders which does not allow them to jump forward and damage or set back the bullets upon recoil.

The rifles come with 5 round 3 round for the magnum calibers magazines with a 10 rounder 7 rounds for magnums available separately.


The trigger pull weight lbsas well as the position of the trigger shoe of Sako S20 rifles, are adjustable. The safety blocks the firing pin and makes the rifle drop safe. The customers can choose from single or two-stage trigger options. The S20 rifles also have a number of factory accessories available separately.Rangerexpert is audience-supported. When you buy through links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission to help us bear it's maintenance costs.

Learn more. Deer hunting has always been one of the widely enjoyed hunting practices. It can be particularly challenging than any other hunting activity because deer are intelligent and able to sense danger from a mile away.

This is why; more often than not amateur hunters come back with empty hands. For experts, this is never the case. The expert hunters know when the deer are more likely to pass by them. They take a high-quality rifle and a high-quality rangefinder to hit the deer from a distance accurately. Taking a quality rifle is a must to ensure a good hunt. These days there are hundreds of hunting rifles that you can choose from.

Having a hefty barrel of inch, the Beanfield Sniper Remington Sendero SF II is built especially to hit targets with high-velocity bullets accurately. This rifle is one of the heaviest you may find — add a scope to it, and the unit will be more than 10 pounds! But if you can manage a stand, this rifle will surely be one of the best for you.

Does anyone actually own a Sako? Are they really that good?

It packs in the rigid HS Exactness standard built in, and this helps you to shoot more accurately than ever possible. Some handy features include the adjustable trigger, detachable and non-detachable box magazine and side-mounted thumb safety. The Timber Classic Marlin C is one of the best deer hunting rifles that you may encounter.

The lever action of this hunting rifle is lighter and more accurate when compared to others. Sleek and ergonomically designed, the Weather by Vanguard is a popular rifle. It exhibits a supreme built quality and exceptional performance. What makes the rifle even better is its price; this is one of the best deer hunting rifles within a budget-friendly price point. The Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight carries out the legacy of the Sako rifles for the past two decades. This rifle fits into the harshest of terrains.

The rifle has six different calibers. All the models have exceptionally great well-ordered magazine. This feature makes it possible to never face the problems of double feeding or cartridge jams. This highly versatile rifle has a changeable trigger mechanism. The tri-lug act of the rifle makes it one of the strong contenders in the hunting arena.The feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes with bringing back your own caught deer for dinner is intoxicating.

However, deer hunting is not as easy as just picking a rifle from the rifle case and firing on a deer. There is a lot to consider when going deer hunting, the most important being what type of rifle to use.

Not every rifle out there is suited for deer hunting. The success of your hunt will depend on the type of rifle you use. Therefore, there is a lot you have to think about before settling on a particular rifle to take on a deer hunt.

Also, you need to know which rifles are suited for deer hunting and which ones are not. Like some of the air gun are not suitable for deer hunting but a powerful best air rifle could be a choice. Some rifles lack the stopping power required to take down a fully grown deer. On the other hand, some rifles are so powerful that using them on a deer is not only inhuman but also wasteful.

To help you find the best deer hunting rifle Or best gun for deer hunting, I have compiled a list of useful tips on what to look for in the best rifle for deer hunting. Also, I have compiled a list of 8 rifles that I believe are amongst the best for deer hunting.

Best Hunting Ri fl es. Christensen Arms Mesa. Marlin Model Lever-Action Rifles. There are all kinds of firearms out there designed for hunting, from muzzleloaders to shotguns. And to help you choose the best rifle for deer hunting, I relied heavily on user reviews, my own personal experiences with some of the rifles, and on the opinions of expert deer hunters.

Sako 85 Review

Therefore, this article is contains everything bit of information about deer hunting rifles I could find both online and offline. I selected the eight rifles reviewed below based on their overall performance, what users had to say about them, and on my experiences with some of them.

best sako rifle

Here are some that I can remember Before going out and buying a rifle for deer hunting, it is important that you know what to look for in a deer hunting rifle. This will help you know which is the best rifle for deer hunting. There are many things to look for in a deer hunting rifle, however, in this article, I have focused on the main ones.

The best hunting rifle caliber is one that is suited for your terrain. Basically, this means that you should settle on a rifle that is right for the kind of terrain you hunt in. In terrains with thick cover, you will most probably be shooting at deer from 20 to 25 yards out. However, if you hunt in open areas with no or little cover, then a rifle with a caliber will do. Also remember to install the right scope for for getting accurate and perfect shot.

Deer hunting is an activity that exposes you and your rifle to harsh weather conditions. That being the case, the best rifle for hunting deer need to be tough and incapable of rusting.

The barrel is the one part that is more exposed to harsh weather than all other parts.Sooooooo, just to be clear, we think murder is bad. We have all thought about it, theoretically of course. What would be the perfect sniper rifles to use if we decided to be professional killers, assassins, guns for hire? It would have to be commercially available.

The best sniper rifle to buy and use would blend in, use standard ammunition, and still be able to take out a hostile target. If SHTF or society melts in some unexpected way, range can be a powerful ally.

If you can hit them before they can really see you, then this is the way to protect yourself in the Apocalypse. What are the best modern sniper rifles for sale in ? Here are our favorites.

Oh and whatever rifle you buy, make sure you have a high quality long-range rifle scope too. The Tikka T3x Tac A1 is here because the crowd has spoken. The ardent long-distance shooters here insist that this Finnish work of engineering excellence is the best rifle here until you start spending serious money. Now this is no lightweight hunting rifle, but the company has lightweight bolt rifles for you further down this very list.

This is the gun that waits in the shadows for that one moment. A 24 inch barrel and aluminum chassis give a respectable This is the best long-range rifle that a lot of people own. Turn this into a full automatic fire Creedmoor assault rifle and the US military will just send in a blank check. That weighs more than 10lb, though, and this rifle is just the answer to so many more varied questions.

This could be the single hunting rifle for pretty much all your needs too. The fluted stainless steel barrel is match-grade, the gas system is full length and low profile. You get a next gen patrol rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle, call it what you like. The fact is this might just be the ultimate 6.Depending on bullet weight, the cartridge is capable of taking on anything from ground hog sized varmints at medium to long range all the way up to mule deer at medium range.

Over 90 grains in bullet weight is considered the minimum bullet weight for use on the larger game. Essentially a necked downed. Therefore, depending on the purpose, different types rifles are available in this caliber, but predominantly they are divided here into the purposes of stalking and bench rifles. Stalking, or carry rifles are designed for that: to stalk your quarry into the wilderness and then carry it back… hopefully along with your catch.

Therefore, a light rifle is of great importance to a hunter on the move. Bench rifles, however, are meant to be as stable as possible for long range, accurate and precise target shooting. Generally speaking with those rifles, the heavier the better.

They also most closely resemble the tactical rifles expected to be used by SWAT or the military. Before reviewing the carry rifles, however, a few honorable mentions. This list, is going to look at workhorses, however: rifles that are there to be used and abused without fear of losing money on a hefty price investment by taking it into the wilderness only to watch the weather turn.

Savage Model 12 Varmint Low Profile.

Best .308 Rifle Reviews – Best Target Rifle Guide

Savage Model 12 Long Range. Remington R GII. Remington Model BDL. Browning Lever Rifle. It is light weight for stalking through the woods yet made well enough to deliver top notch accuracy for one shot one hit performance. Out of the box it is no tack driving bench rifle delivering groupings, it is rather designed to hit once, the first time.

Competitively priced and often including a scope package, it is hard to beat the Axis price without sacrificing some good features — precision barrel, floating head space for example - and glowing reputation on anything similar from other manufacturers. Not the least of which being a chassis system, such as offered by MDTthat are reserved for more expensive rifle platforms, yet deliver the same results in feel, tactical application and delivery of hits on target.

What makes the BLR different from other lever guns is that it feeds off of a box magazine, so the use of pointed bullets is not a safety concern as it is with tubular magazines: recoil may cause pointed bullets to set off the primer of the round in front of it — so flat tip bullets were always recommended for such rifles. The detachable box mag of the BLR removes that concern.

best sako rifle

Further, the geared action of the BLR makes for the safe use of high pressure loads. Experienced shooters also like that the entire trigger assembly moves with the lever, reducing the possibility of pinched fingers in the rush to get that next round off. The BLR is a popular choice for hog hunters where semi-automatic rifles are prohibited. The result is a commitment to quality, with a matching, although not prohibitive, price tag.

The strongest feature of the Tikka rifles is the feel of its action. It rivals the smoothness of an old Enfield or Krag Jorgenson rifle. While those battle rifles sound the furthest away from a top-quality feel, there is a reason that [too] many of those veterans were cutdown into deer guns: their actions: no rattle, no shifting of direction - the bolt goes straight out and straight back in with minimal effort. The Ruger American series of rifles have made a strong impression with sportsmen on a budget.

Ruger has always been a company that offers affordability with rugged reliability. Hammer forged barrel and an integral bedding block for accuracy gives a rifle that hits reliably where it is supposed to after being sighted in.

Instead, Ruger offers the American in several model variants direct from the factory, including Standard, Predator and Camo, with various optics options. Another difference between these different versions is that one comes with a threaded barrel option and another with a factory installed muzzle brake.

The Ruger American is a decent choice for the shooter on a budget. No discussion of a bolt action hunting or target rifle is complete without touching upon Remington short action It is also the only model presented here that comes stock with iron sights. The use of a scope, however is not precluded with this model.Sako has produced many excellent rifles over the years.

Indeed, even in countries such as South Africa, which holds the Mauser 98 above all others, Sako rifles, both old and new, are beginning to get a foot in the door. Sako started inoriginally established to produce rifles for the men and woman of the Civil Guard of Finland. Although its initial focus had been military rifles, the company soon began designing competition and hunting rifles.

Having had success with small calibre hunting rifles produced during the Second World War, it also started producing larger bolt-action sporters, launching the now renowned Forrester and Finnbear models. Four years later the Sako 75 was born. My own experience of Sako came in the early days of my fullbore hunting career. I distinctly remember ogling the Sako catalogue while ordering my first rimfire in the local gunshop, and decided there and then that a Sako was what I wanted. A few years later I parted company with an old Brno.

Since then I have also briefly owned the much-acclaimed forerunner to the L the Sako Forrester. All of them great rifles, which, for better and worse, have evolved as time has passed.

Now, of course, the model 85 is the flagship Sako rifle, which, as with all the other model updates, has changed yet again. I never had a chance to see the early 85s, although I believe nothing functionally has changed apart from alterations to the synthetic stocks.

I had the Finnlight model on test, which is the lightest of the range with a fluted 20in barrel and synthetic stock. Like all other Sako rifles I have picked up, it felt good.

However, this synthetic offering felt nice in the shoulder, even if the pull length was a little too long for me. As to be expected from Sako, the synthetic material was rigid and robust, covered with a soft-touch finish and rubberised grips where chequering would traditionally be found.

One fault on the 75 equivalent was that the rubber did tend to wear and perish in the hands of professionals who put the rifle to work every day.

best sako rifle

It seems this has been rectified, with a different material and raised finish. Functionally it was good, and one of my preferred off-the-shelf synthetic stocks.

They are still cold hammer forged and made, as far as I can tell, to the same high standards Sako has always maintained, with close attention to finish and crowning. Having said that, I am aware of a few people who had trouble getting the early Sako 75s to shoot well, but for some bizarre reason this only seemed to be with a few rifles chambered for. The trigger is another aspect of the rifle that has altered little over the years despite other major shifts in design.

I guess that is a testament to how good the original was. Any tweaks have been minor in terms of functionality and are not worth mentioning.

The Sako trigger is certainly one of the best on an out-the-box firearm.

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